Nappy Fitting Advice

It is very important to use the right size disposable nappy for best comfort and leakage protection.  The appropriate size depends on your baby’s weight and age. As your baby grows, it’s not just their body that is getting bigger, but their bladder and bowel are growing larger too, so they will be producing more urine and faeces.


Most manufacturers provide guides regarding the recommended nappy size suitable for weights and ages, so please contact the manufacturer for advice if you are unsure. There are also some key indicators that a nappy is not fitting correctly:


  • If you can’t fit two fingers under the waistband, the nappy is too tight.
  • Red marks on the stomach area or at the top of the thighs indicate that the nappy is too tight.
  • If the nappy is not covering the bottom properly, this is an indicator that the nappy is too small.
  • Nappy rash can be a sign that a nappy is too small or being worn too tightly. 
  • If the nappy starts to leak then the nappy may be too small, or it may be a sign that your baby needs a more absorbent nappy, not necessarily the next size up.