Ahpma Voluntary Code Of Practice

The Absorbent Hygiene Product Manufacturers Association (AHPMA) is the trade association which represents the manufacturers of disposable nappies, feminine hygiene products and continence care products, placed on the UK market. As the voice of industry with government and other official bodies, it represents its members non-competitive interests at all levels, dealing with regulatory and legislative matters, the media, health professionals, retailers and consumers alike.
For products placed on the UK market, AHPMA members commit to the following voluntary Code of Practice to promote the highest professional and ethical standards of business practice and confirm that their companies:


  • Develop and manufacture products to the highest standards of safety and performance in accordance, and full compliance, with relevant UK regulations, codes and law.
  • Ensure compliance with applicable UK Competition Law and the UK Bribery Act in all business transactions and amongst AHPMA members.
  • Agree to abide by the AHPMA Confidentiality Agreement and Competition Guidelines.
  • Observe the Voluntary Code of Practice for Tampon Manufacturers and Distributors where applicable.
  • Ensure compliance with the MedTech Europe Code of Ethical Business Practice (when applicable/for medical devices).
  • Promote all the above standards as accepted practice.